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IPL: from dusk til dawn


The first book ever which systematically guides and mentors the spiring IPL player how exactly to train and what approach to adopt in order to get selected for IPL.  How to adjust and switch to 20-20 mode are the key themes of the book and the reader really is taken on a journey which elucidates what is required of one to become a professional 20-20 cricketer. Everything from batting, fast bowling, spin bowling, fielding, captaincy and coaching is discussed in depth and the reader is given a full education in what professional 20-20 cricket is all about.  How can we do something or perform a task if that task is not clearly defined and explicitly specified to us? We cant! Or at least we have a diminished chance of doing so!  This where this book comes into play.  We show YOU, whether you are a batsman or a bowler or a fielder or a captain or even a coach what exactly your task is and how exactly you fulfil your goal of achieving this task without any error or fail.  

Book Blurb - IPL: From Dusk Til Dawn

Unparalleled in it’s preciseness, unrivalled in it’s simplification of what 20-20 cricket is about and unequaled in its explanation of the demands of IPL cricket, this book is perfect for the serious aspiring professional IPL cricketer and will show you things which even a professional coach will not.


Not only does it substantiate the what and why of 20-20 cricket but also the how.  The exact process, pathway and skill required to effectually give the aspiring cricketer contentions to be picked in the IPL are explicitly defined and drilled into the future IPL cricketer.


Just what it will take and how you must adapt your game from the more ‘conventional’ formats of cricket, is the main theme of the book and the underlining motive is to show serious cricketers how to adapt their game sufficiently and competently enough to succeed and prosper within the highly intense, onerous & exhilarating game of IPL cricket.


How to achieve this resourcefulness and specific skill set such that you can gain the dexterity to excel at 20-20 cricket formats are the key inspirations of the book.


The authors do a great job in mentoring and guiding the serious cricketer down the path of a potential career in IPL cricket.  The book is relatively brief and embellishes the fact that you should not be overfed with information and starved of knowledge, but rather, should get the best value for your reading time – which is about 2 hours.



“The Jains personify and elucidate the exact skillset required to get selected and compete in today’s competitive era of IPL cricket”

Virender Sehwag, India national player of 14 years


“An exacting and adept source of formative guidance for the aspiring IPL cricketer to maximize his chances of IPL selection”

  Wayne Spratford, Sport scientist at Cricket Australia

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