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Cricket Through The Eyes of 'Shakespeare'

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This book is a collection of short quotes, anecdotes and poems which in turn talk about various aspects to batting technique and the method required of one to be a good batsman. It mainly comprises of poetry emphasizing various elements or precursors to developing and honing your skills in the act of batting but also includes many sayings and quotes from all of the books written by the team at PhD cricket, which we wanted to be engrained into the serious and aspiring cricketer’s mind. 

It is via a book like this that the aspiring cricketer begins to drill into the mind the key aspects of batting required to be a champion and develop an all-round expertise and deeper understanding of the act of batting and actually remember it.

This short, concise and skilfully crafted book will aid in engraining certain key aspects to batting which are considered important for the elite batter to have.

We engrain and drill these prime and principal aspects to batting technique via poetry and poetic expression and melody such that the elite batsman can walk away with the fundamental key points necessary in batting instilled within the sub-conscious mind and have a better chance of actually remembering it.  Upon reading this book you will have a better grip on ‘what’ you have to do in batting and ‘why’.  The actual ‘how’ to do it is what our suite of 8 books on batting are about and where you will actually find the answers to the ‘how to do it’part of the equation.Poetry is the best way to engrain something into the mind and yields a better chance of you actually remembering what you just read.  This is the inspiration for compiling such a book so that you can engrain and actually remember what we are trying to teach and mentor you regards playing cricket at a higher level.

Book Blurb - Cricket Through The Eyes Of 'Shakespeare'

Poetry has been around and considered important since the days of William Shakespeare and has been used since the times of the ancient hindu books like ‘rigveda’ and ‘upanishaads’, to effectively communicate with the reader and communicate in a more powerful and persuasive manner.  Poetry is a soluble medium by which to teach and engrain something into the readers mind, and this book does a tremendous job in teaching and illuminating critical aspects of batting in the most enlightening manner possible - poetry. 

Quotes and anecdotes pertaining to advice and tips about batting and spin bowling are also a key aspect to the book, and will give you the reader, in a prompt and expeditious manner the cruxes and keys or skeleton and bones upon which cricket is based. 

A marvelous work of poetry and prose by the experienced and acclaimed author of cricket books: ‘Nikhil Jain’.

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