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Nikhil Jain

Having learnt his cricket in Australia, one of the dominant nations across the sport and one with possibly the greatest sports coaching regiments in the world such to build great reserves of talent across most sports including cricket, Jain offers the ultimate one-to-one coaching experience and through the written word, endeavors to hand down the crucial basics or ‘cruxes’ of the sport as he quotes, as well as the finer details or more advanced lessons also. Both the aspiring junior as well as the experienced senior are well looked after and the book offers the perfect blend of basics as well as finer points to the reader. With a guarantee to improve your game overnight and priced at a budget cost, all cross sections of cricketers across the globe whether young or old, junior or senior and first class or street player are offered quality advice as to how to improve your game by 30 – 60%.

Nikhil also loves other sports and main interests are sports science, computer science & coaching cricket. He has coached junior teams before both in Australia and India, and has a keen eye for spotting and developing talent on the sporting field.

The inspiration for the book was to teach mental toughness and mental aspects of the sport to serious cricketers and not let them allow mental toughness to let their talent down. To change the brand of cricket played from grass roots levels and up to one which is more clinical, professional and mentally tough. Especially dedicated to the minnow cricketing nations for whom a hard-nosed, competitive and ‘match winning’ cricketer is not yet a reality.


• I was a junior state representative level cricketer from U’13 – U’16s in ACT Australia
•I was able to bowl both off spin and leg spin and medium pace leg spin also
•I have done some personal cricket coaching within Australia and India for junior teams


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