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Playing The Length Ball Like Bradman: Developing Fine Defensive Technique

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Having made several triple centuries and played many long innings, Bradman was the holder of the highest test average ever – 99.96.  In this book the authors journey you through the finer points and nuances of defensive technique in batting to such a standard that you can confidently develop and hone your powers of sound solid and precise defense in batting comparable to that of Bradman himself. Perhaps the first book of its kind, the authors claim that by reading this book you will never have to watch another you tube video, read another book or listen to another coach for the duration of your playing days – that’s how comprehensive it is.  Targeted at the child still in the formative stages to the first class cricketer or international one already playing good cricket, this specialised coaching manual offers the complete one-to-one coaching experience at the most affordable cost to the serious cricketer, and is foreworded by Wayne Spratford – A sport scientist and cricket researcher for the Australian Cricket Board for 8 years.  As the authors say you can simply NOT fail and there is no reason if you read and absorb the book, that you can’t get a century every game – just like Bradman did!

Book Blurb - Playing The Length Ball Like Bradman: Developing Fine Defensive Technique

It is a common myth that the playing of the length ball is a relatively in arduous task.  In this book the authors illustrate, depict and substantiate their claim that there is essentially more to playing the length ball than meets the eye.  They purport that without having a grip or a grasp on the science and mathematics behind the length ball and how it is judged and perceived by the batter, the serious and aspiring batsman is left with a significant disadvantage in keeping his wicket intact in higher level cricket.


Jain & Co journey you through the intricacies of playing the accurate or good length delivery, and document and describe every detail and aspect which possibly exists in regard playing this particular stroke, and playing it consistently well, under pressure.


Long considered the very cornerstone and key to sound batting technique, Jain & Co elaborate upon and substantiate their claims that indeed there is a certain science and secret in playing this difficult delivery.  Jain & Co seek to teach ‘the most important aspect to batting’ as they quote, to the aspiring batsman and that too in the fastest and thorough manner possible – about 1 hour!  As they quote, ‘Big scores are only made through bigger dedication to defensive technique’! Simply Bradmanesque!


‘I now know why they say that there is more to cricket than meets the eye’, wish I knew the science earlier!’


‘Jain & Co make going on to make a big score possible for the masses and not just the fortunate few’


‘The most concise, to the point yet thorough resource available on an aspect of cricket which is often underestimated’

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