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Pick The Length Like Vivian Richards: A Superior Visualisation Process

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Perhaps the most brutal and powerful batsman ever to play the game, Viv had the capacity to demolish any bowling attack in the world on any surface. But why?  Because he was a master at picking the length early, that’s why!  In this book we go into minute detail about how to pick length and how to pick length to the level and standard that Viv the master would have himself picked it.  The book is relatively technical but can be easily be followed on by the child say 10 years and up and is something which can even benefit the accomplished international level cricketer also.  Cricket is a game of length and picking the length is what decides between the greats and the average batsmen.  If you can pick the length early then suddenly you put yourself in the box seat and can start to bully the bowling – just like Viv used to.  In this book we teach you the full science you must know understand before you can start picking the length like the master Viv.  Things such ideas from Euclidean physics and Snell’s law are key principles which are discussed within the book and will have you picking the length like Viv almost overnight, guaranteed!

Book Blurb - Pick The Length Like Vivian Richards: A Superior Visualisation Process

Almost with a sense of possessiveness and arrogance, Viv would go about systematically destroying any bowling attack in the world in the most savage and brutal manner ever seen, and in 1999 was officially ‘knighted’ for his prodigious, extraordinary &monumental feats on the cricket field – a regality which not many batsmen have to their name, not even Tendulkar.


The boy from Antigua it would seem had the heart of a lion and the eyes of a hawk and was destined to be among the very best batsmen ever to play the game right from a young age.  Showing promise and performances at rep level from the age of 14, it was evident that Viv not only had the natural exuberance and instinct for batting, but was from a young age itself, a fierce competitor and one of the most formidable and intimidating opponents a bowler could ever cross paths with.


What made Viv so good? It was simply his ability to pick, see and judge the length early almost as if someone were secretly telling him what the bowler is about to do, which conceded to and bestowed him with the talent to demolish any bowler in the world.  In this book we educate and train you in this very facet to cricket which produced the greatest most fearless batter ever to live – Vivian Richards!



“A scintillating account of precisely what gave rise to Viv’s genius and why he was so good”

-Wayne Spratford, Sport scientist for Cricket Australia


“A book which should be read by every batsman wishing to develop a condescending, ruthless and savage demeanor to their batting”

-Virender Sehwag, India National opening batsman


“The perfect formative resource to guide youngsters to pick thelength early – much better than some of the videos out there”

  -Shyam Sharma, Manager of Indian IPL team and franchise ‘Delhi Daredevils’

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