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Sculpting You to be the next master batsman: Sachin Tendulkar--A coach's confessions

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One of the more technical books on the market which is not just a time pass but is actually meant to teach serious batsman and those serious about going on with cricket the exact formula, method and technique required to develop the game of a master. Perhaps one of the best resources of formative guidance for the serious batsman on the market, this book gives you a peephole into the mind of one the game’s greatest thinkers and talents. Every intricacy and aspect to Tendulkar’s game is studied, analysed and scrutinised and it is shown to the reader the exact what and why behind the little masters batting and what’s more the aspects to mental toughness and mental resiliency which allowed him to launch a career of such mammoth proportions.  The book reveals in to the reader what made Tendulkar Tendulkar and what it will take on your behalf to also become the next Tendulkar and really does go into almost pin point detail about the little master’s game and substantiates to the common man exactly what made Tendulkar so good.

Book Blurb - Sculpting You To Be The Next Master Batsman: Sachin Tendulkar--A Coach's Confessions

Possibly one of the best literary works devised on the subject of batting, this book is a marvel of both science and art and seeks to analyze, study and learn from the greatest batsman ever to have played the game – a batsman who was coined and heralded with names such as bully, predator and run machine for many a decade.


Arguably the greatest and most powerful batsman ever to play the game, Tendulkar was a revered cricketer on a global scale, and was considered one of the shrewdest sportsman the world has ever seen.


The Jains play virtual one-to-one coach and take you on a seductive journey through the inner workings of the mind of a great batsman and the deepest thinkersknown to international cricket. For the first time in history has a resource and formative guidance of such caliber and depth been offered to the aspiring elite batter.  Almost a legacy or a collection of confessions regards technical and finer aspects to batting, the Jains purport they can give you, the audience and reader, the revelations and impetus you need to possibly be the next Tendulkar, and almost GUARANTEE your chances of playing first class cricket down the track!


For the 1st time in history, the Jains depict & document the mind, method & technique of the one and only little master of world cricket & make quality coaching, guidance and mentoring on batting possible for the common man and not just the fortunate few!



‘A clinical, precise, &magnetizing book which will give the reader an exact understanding of the inner workings of the mind of one of the game’s deepest thinkers and talents!’


-Wayne Spratford, Sport scientist at Cricket Australia

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