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The Mind & Method of an Elite cricketer

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Perhaps the coaching manual of the century on the subject of cricket or even sports in general, the book offers the perfect formative guidance to both the aspiring junior as well as experienced senior, and is aimed at changing the brand of cricket played worldwide to one which is more professional, shrewd and mentally tough.  The book offers the perfect explanation and understanding of the game on a more technical and scientific plane and purports to improve your cricket by as much as 30% – 60%, Overnight! The father book or preceding book to the other 4 specialised manuals on batting, the book lays a good and solid foundation for the serious cricketer and gives the necessary grip and understanding required in order to absorb and engrain the ideas presented in the 4 sequel books.  Highly user friendly and comprehendible and a MUST read for the serious cricketer.  You will not look at the science behind batting and spin bowling in the same way again, and will within a space of hours, gain a full and accurate appreciation of the game of cricket and what it takes to succeed at the sport once and for all.  Key ideas of science behind cricket and what it takes to succeed at the sport are discussed and introduced on a technical level and the reader is supplied with thorough coaching in regards mental and physical aspect to the sport.  The theme of the book, as the authors quote, is to crack down on cricketers who let their talent down due to a lack of mental toughness, and is intended to change cricket from the grass roots levels and up worldwide.  Particularly important to the cricketers from minnow nations who may not have a scientific coach leading from the front.   

Book Blurb - The Mind & Method Of An Elite Cricketer

Having received an elite standard of coaching, advice & guidance from an early age up to age 25 and learning his cricket in a country which coached cricketers     who would dominate the world, Jain speaks out and shares the cold hard lessons, wisdom & fortitude learnt from the most knowledgeable of state level cricket coaches of Australia with his audience and the layman – ‘the aspiring youth of their country’, as he puts it.


In an attempt to make such high standards of teaching, mentoring, and expert guidance on the game possible for the masses and not just the fortunate few, Jain purports to create the coaching manual of the century with a scientific accuracy, clinical insight & succinctness as never seen in a coaching manual before.  Until now.


Brutally honest & unforgiving of serious cricketers allowing mental toughness to let their talent down, this workwalks and talks the common man through the physical & mental aspects of the game and it’s method in a hand held manner never seen before, and purports to convert a good cricketer into a great one overnight.  For the first time enjoy simulated one-to-one coaching by an Australian state level player via the written word and for a fraction of the cost.  You will not learn the lessons as described & depicted in this manual with the clarity, scientific accuracy & user friendly format as that of The Mind & Method of an Elite cricketer elsewhere!


‘Jain leaves no stone unturned in this clinical yet comprehendible analysis of the game and it’s method’ ----High commissioner of India, Australia


‘For the first time in coaching history, Jain advocates the use of Mathematics, Physics & Conditional Logic from computer sciences to give aspiring youth an edge in the competitive world of elite cricket’ ---  ACT Cricket Coach, Greg Saphin


‘Jain puts cricket and its method to the slaughter and dissects almost every nook and cranny known to the game – You will not look at the art of batsman-ship and spin bowling in the same way again! ----Wayne Spratford, Sport scientist at Cricket Australia

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